5 natural medicine tips to fight off the common cold

western herbs 25 natural medicine tips to fight off the common cold

It’s winter time which means short days and cold, crisp mornings snuggling under the doona but sadly this time of year is also known as cold and flu season.

Most people will pick up a common cold one to two times per year. If you’re getting sick more often than this it suggests that your immune system may be struggling.

A common cold should also resolve within a few days. If it hasn’t, or if  it has moved onto a sinus or chest infection, then your body may need some help to resolve it.

Here are our 5 top tips to fight off the common cold:

  • Start your cold & flu strategy immediately. The second you get a cold or flu symptom (usually, it’s that scratchy, sore throat feeling) you must begin your immune boosting strategy.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. This means water and herbal teas. In fact we have an excellent new cold & flu herbal tea in the clinic – make sure to try some next time you are in. If you have a scratchy, sore throat add some raw honey to the tea.
  • Get acupuncture as early as possible. We have acupuncture points to take the heat out of it sore throat, clear the nose, ears and throat and boost your immune system.
  • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine offer many herbs and formulas to fight the common cold and flu. These herbs will be carefully selected by your practitioner to suit your individual symptoms. Eg. if you are full of phlegm you’ll need different herbs to if you have a fever and body aches. If you get sick every winter or on a regular basis ask your practitioner for some herbs that you can keep on hand to start at the first sign of an infection. There are nutritional supplements that have also been shown to shorten the duration and severity of the common cold in clinical trials.
  • Rest and take the day off work. Your body needs rest to get better or your symptoms may last longer than they should. And anyway, no one likes it when someone brings their germs to work, so stay home for your benefit, and that of your colleagues.

Typically, one or two acupuncture treatments, a week’s course of herbal medicine, rest and fluids are all that are required for recovery from the common cold. If the symptoms are recognized and treated early, it is possible to fight off a cold in a day or two with acupuncture treatment and herbs.

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