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Acupuncture Emporium & Natural Therapy Centre is a friendly, family-oriented, complementary health practice with a focus on Chinese Medicine. Our patients benefit from greater than 35 years of experience that our Chinese medicine doctors, massage therapists, dietician and personal trainer have to offer.

Our passion is improving your health and well-being. We strive to listen to our clients with empathy and compassion. We allow you ample time to share their health concerns. We believe this is the key to assisting you to achieve your health goals. Our team are regularly undertaking continued professional education to keep abreast of the latest innovations to benefit you, our patients.

Our Chinese Medicine team(all registered with the CMBA) includes Dr Nicola MacDonald (Clinical and Managing Director, acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist), and Dr Chris Fehres (acupuncturist).

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For further information regarding our practitioners and their experience please see the ‘Practitioners’ page.

Acupuncture and Natural Therapy Centre was originally established in 1982 by Phil Vanderzeil.


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