Hay Fever, Sinus & Allergies

Hay Fever, Sinus & Allergies

Here are our top 5 natural medicine tips to beat it.
It’s spring time which means longer days, warmer weather and an abundance of pollens & allergens are floating through the air.  It is a time of year when we become more active but unfortunately for the allergy, sinus and hay fever sufferer it is a season filled with sneezing and itching.

Many people, in fact 15% of the Australian population, suffer from hay fever & sinus.  If you suffer from this on a regular basis your nose, the filter, is trapping these microscopic particles in your nose resulting in your immune system launching an attack and your nasal passages becoming inflamed and producing mucous.

It is possible with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to get allergies, sinus and hay fever under control & initiate a maintenance program to help prevent frequent acute recurrences.

Here are our 5 top tips to fight off Hay fever, Allergies & Sinus

  • Start your allergy / hay fever strategy immediately.The moment the symptoms begin, usually itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose, begin your allergy prevention strategy.   This could include staying indoors on a particularly windy day or after a storm.
  • Avoid Known Allergens:This means to be aware of your allergens and put strategies in place to avoid these such as choosing plants that do not release seeds into the air and reducing your exposure to dust and dust mites, animals and animal hair.
  • Get acupuncture as early as possible.We have acupuncture points to clear wind and heat from a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) point of view which will help to clear the nose, ears, eyes and boost your immune system.
  • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicineoffer many herbs and formulas to fight allergies and hay fever and sinus infections. These herbs will be carefully selected by your practitioner for your individual symptoms.
  • Rest and take the day off work.Your body needs rest to get better or your symptoms may last longer than they should.


Typically, one or two acupuncture treatments, a week’s course of herbal medicine and setting your strategy in place early will assist in clearing up your symptoms quickly. However it is important to also talk to your practitioner about a management plan to ensure that these acute attacks are prevented.

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